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Monday: 8:00a-12:30p & 2:00p-6:30p

Tuesday: 8:00a-12:30p & 2:00p-6:30p

Wednesday: 8:00a-12:30p & 2:00p-6:30p

Thursday: 7:00a-12:30p & 2:00p-7:00p

Friday: 8:00a-12:30p & 2:00p-5:30p

Saturday: 8:00a-2:00p


Address and Contact

275 S Beavercreek Rd. C147
Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: (503) 730-2788

Fax: (503) 862-5043

Email: iinfo@functionperformance.com

Note: Some map apps will direct you to a location off Warner Milne Rd. You will find us off of Beavercreek Rd in the same complex as Hilltop Collision and Crossfit Oregon City